Episode 11: Live-Action Roleplaying Concept of Bleed

Our panel discusses general roleplaying concepts of bleed and metagaming.

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Episode 10: Quietus and Serpentis Discussion

Today’s podcast is all about two of the most venomous disciplines in World of Darkness, Quietus and Serpentis. These are the signature disciplines of the Assamite and Follower of Set clans. Both clans have often been portrayed as antagonists during the evolution of Vampire the Masquerade. In more recent editions both clans have found their niche amongst the larger vampire sects of the Camarilla and The Independent Alliance.

Panel: Lance, John, Dave, and Brett

Episode 09: Quietus and Serpentis Primer

discipline primer covering the signature powers of the Assamites and Followers of Set, Quietus and Serpentis

Episode 08: Obtenebration and Vicissitude Discussion

Today we dive into two signature disciplines of the Lasombra and Tzimitze, Obtenebration and Vicissitude.

We're also joined by Cara from @BadGirlsPodcast where we delve into vampires in cinema and the parallels seen in Live Action Roleplaying genre.


Discussion Panel: Lance & Natalie, John & Cara, Dave, and Brett

Episode 07: Obtenebration and Vicissitude Primer

Today we talk about two signature disciplines most commonly found in the Sabbat. Obtenebration and Vicissitude. Both Disciplines are very unique in both appearance and ability which tends to give the Sabbat shock troops some very strong advantages.

Episode 06: Thaumaturgy Primer

Today we take a look at the many paths of Thaumaturgy and their rituals. Thaumaturgy is a generic term that encompasses all blood magic and sorcerous arts.

Episode 06: Thaumaturgy Discussion

In this episode we talk about the ins and outs of Thaumaturgy.

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